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Article Title (Relate to the Event): “1800! The year Jefferson became president”

Newspaper (Make Up a Name): The Colorado Times  

Reporter (Your Name): enter name here

Copyeditor (Your Parent or Guardian’s Name): enter name here

Editor (Your Instructor’s Name): enter name here

Date: enter date here

First Step: Hook your reader into wanting to read your article. You could tell a story or use a quote. You might relate the past to modern events or your readers’ lives. Introduce the event and basic facts like people and places. Use at least three to five sentences.

    “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it.” - Thomas Jefferson. It seems he has used his quote and applied it to becoming president. In 1800, Jefferson was America’s third president. This was all thanks to the people who voted for him.  


Second Step: Discuss one reason why the event is so important. Use facts to back up your idea.

The election of 1800 is important because the president, Thomas Jefferson, made visions that would contribute to the farmers. Since federalists were taking advantage of the power, Jefferson wanted to restore the spirit of '76. Some of these visions are Frugal Government, Limited Government, Rights of the People, Agrarian Society, and No Special Ceremony or Display of Power. These visions were helpful, for they reduce the size and budget of the government.


Third Step: Discuss a second reason for the event’s importance. Use facts.

The election of 1800 is important because this was the year Thomas Jefferson was elected. He brought great ideas to the table such as his "visions". Jefferson also made smart decisions when it came to the ships with goods being attacked and U.S sailors being kidnapped. Despite the people making illegal trade Jefferson made the right choice so the attacks and kidnaps would stop.  


Fourth Step: Discuss a third reason for the event’s importance. Use facts.

The election of 1800 is important because this was an election that had to contest Jefferson and Burr. Being contested means being asked a question or challenge. Since Jefferson won, that means he answered his question where everyone feels like they agreed, and his words and wisdom would suit him being a president.  

Fifth Step: This is where you summarize and review what you wrote.

In conclusion, Jefferson's visions, decisions, and people's trust show the importance of the election in 1800. They can also show you why Jefferson is a great president. His visions reduce the size and budget of the government, Jefferson's decisions made an embargo for the safety of Americans, and with people trusting Thomas he was elected as a president.  


Copyeditor’s Suggestions:

Third step: “so the attacks and kidnaps would stop.”

So that the attacks and kidnapping would cease to an end.  

Fourth step: I would have given the definition of “contested” in parenthesis instead of spreading out the meaning in that sentence because it becomes very confusing to the reader.

Fifth step: mixed past and present tense. Also, I believe that “Jefferson's visions, decisions” should be spelled “vision’s, decision’s”


Deff revise and make sure you are sticking to either past tense or present tense.  Besides that I think you did a good job.

(you can ask your parents or use this editors suggestions)

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