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Mia has earned $43.94 of tokens playing games at the amusement center. The store in the amusement center has the following toys for sale. She plans to get toys and donate them to a local charity for needy children. The tokens are only good in this store, so she plans to spend all the tokens. What combinations of toys can she buy in order to spend all the tokens

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if she buys 12 things with her 43.94 dollars she will have in the end witch is after she spends her money she will have a 1 dollar and 4 cent

Step-by-step explanation:

so she had 43.94 dollars she can by with it she can buy with it 12 things she can buy a yoyo a doll a duckie a tractor a airplane a ball a racecar a dog a car a elephant and the last thing she can buy is a whistle

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