Mr. Townsend needs to make 13 pairs of butterfly wings for costumes for a play.
Each pair of wings is made with yard of fabric. The fabric costs $8 per yard.
You'll apply properties of multiplication in the following steps to find the total cost of the fabric.
1. Use multiplication to write an expression for the amount of fabric needed to make 13 pairs of wings.
2. Multiply the amount of fabric by the price per yard to find an expression for the total cost.
3. Use the associative and commutative properties to rearrange the terms in the expression to make it easier to calculate. Explain why the rearranged expression is easier to work with.
4. Simplify your expression to find the total cost. Show your work​

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Step-by-step explanation to answer:

So, the unit rate is $8 per yard of fabric now we need a expression which will be 13 times 8. 8 times 10 is 80 and 8 times 3 is 24. 80+24 is 104. We did associative, now we need communative. We will still get the answer to the question as we did with associative which will be 8 times 3 is 24 and 8 times 10 is 80. add that and we will get 104.

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