Y=-4/5x+7 in general form
Please answer quickly! ;)

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Y=-4/5x+7 in general form
Please answer quickly! ;)

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In order to graph y=%284%2F5%29%2Ax-7 we only need to plug in two points to draw the line

So lets plug in some points

Plug in x=0


y=0%2F5-7 Multiply

y=-35%2F5 Add

y=-7 Reduce

So here's one point (0,-7)

Now lets find another point

Plug in x=5


y=20%2F5-7 Multiply

y=-15%2F5 Add

y=-3 Reduce

So here's another point (5,-3). Add this to our graph

Now draw a line through these points

So this is the graph of y=%284%2F5%29%2Ax-7 through the points (0,-7) and (5,-3)

So from the graph we can see that the slope is 4%2F5 (which tells us that in order to go from point to point we have to start at one point and go up 4 units and to the right 5 units to get to the next point) the y-intercept is (0,-7)and the x-intercept is (8.75,0) ,or (35%2F4,0)

We could graph this equation another way. Since b=-7 this tells us that the y-intercept (the point where the graph intersects with the y-axis) is (0,-7).

So we have one point (0,-7)

Step-by-step explanation:

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