from the poem "New Moves"
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Incomplete question.

Answered based on the full poem as found on the Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR).


she later came to develop an interest in her kickboxing class


For example, we notice in the earlier stanzas, Ballerina has a complacent attitude about her kickboxing class. This was evident when she said,

"My kickboxing class has as much grace as

A herd of stomping elephants.

Stampeding towards a watering hole.

It’s a far cry from warming up on the bar, "

However, a change in her attitude begins to occur in the last six stanzas of the poem. She begins to cooperate with her instructor, made evident when she said, "...But I force myself to bounce on the balls of my feet like he told me. " Furthermore, she finally came to appreciate the kickboxing class that she said,

"...when we finish and step back, the class breaks into applause.

I curtsy, laughing, and shake hands with my teacher,

Who has taught me so much more than I expected."

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