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Choose your favorite character from the following list and write about why you chose that character. Minimum 1/2 page.
Robert. Sophie. Silas. Leigh. Fache ​

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The correct answer to this open question is the following.

My favorite character in the novel "Davinci Code" is Professor Robert Langdon.

In the film, this character is played by famous Holywood actor Tom Hanks.

Professor Robert Langdon is the kind of protagonist that has all the characteristics of the hero of the story. He is determined, perseverant, fearless, and is decided to go beyond his capabilities in order to reach the truth.

And that is how the author of the novel portraits the characteristics of Langdon.

Since the very beginning of the novel, when the first assassinations occur, Professor Langdon skills are used to understand the different situations, and with a methodical mind, he is using his brain to get clarity of the motives of the incidents, the possible reasons, the scenarios, to try to be ahead of the mind of the assassin.

His tenacity and courage make it possible to follow the correct lead and get the proper conclusions to caught the assassin, despite the many difficulties and riddles he had to overcome and decipher.

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