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I. Setting: II. Characters: III. Action:
I put the setting as a school and the characters as Jenny, Benji, and Screech The only thing i need is the action..... Please help me (#^ ◇ ^#)

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Benji and Screech are high school dropouts, Jenny on the other hand is still hanging on till their senior year. Unfortunately for them, Jenny is finding themselves being distracted by their two friends Benji and Screech, who seem to always want to hall them out of class. But weirdly enough, one day Benji and Screech don't show up as usual for the rest of the day, and Jenny is surprised and confused. Later after school, they leave to see how Benji and Screech are doing, but their nowhere to be found.


I dont know if I went overboard with it or if I did it right, but I gave you a bit of a thriller/mystery type scene, hope this helps with how you want your story to play out. Didnt want to give the exact action to you, but I simply wanted to inspire you to add your own twist to it.

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