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Use the activity series to determine if the following will react.
HCI + Zn —>

State whether they will or won't react and explain your reasoning.

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1. They will react.

2. 2HCI + Zn —> ZnCl2 + H2


1. From the question given above,

We can see that Zn is higher than H in the activity series.

NOTE: Elements higher (i.e at the top) in the activity series will displace those lower (i.e at the bottom) in the series. Thus, Zn is higher in the series than H. Therefore, Zn will displace H from solution. Hence, they will react.

2. The product obtained from the reaction can be seen as follow:

HCI + Zn —> ZnCl2 + H2

The above equation can be balance as follow:

There are 2 atoms of H on the right side and 1 atom on the left side. It can be balance by putting 2 in front of HCl as shown below:

2HCI + Zn —> ZnCl2 + H2

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