"If we of this generation destroy

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either degrade the standard of living or deprtve
control of the means of production and the necessarles of ife, we deprive the Amerlcans of to-day and of the future of industrial Wberty, a right no less preclous and vital than
political freedom." Theodore Roosevelt
s from which our children would otherwlse derive thelr ivellhood, we reduce the capacity of our land to support a population, and se
to ife on this contin ent. If we allow great industrial organizatlons to exercise unregulated
According to the excernt
ken from a letter President Theodore Roosevelt wrote Congress, how did the President feel about unregulated business use of the nation's natural resources?
A he believed businesses should be free to do whatever they please
DB he believed business should be regulated to preserve natural resources
Dche does not care about nature at all
ODhe encouraged businesses to extract ALL of the nations natural resources

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Hitler had one hell of a run ngl natural
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