was five times the number of backpacks without wheels already in stock. After the new shipment arrived, there
were 330 backpacks in the store. Before the new shipment, there were x wheeled backpacks and y
backpacks without wheels. Which of the following equations can be used with x + y = 60 to solve for x and y?
a. 2x+5y=330
b. 2x+5y=270
c. 5x+2y=270
d. 5x+2y=330

1 Answer

2x + 5y = 270

Two times the amount of wheeled backpacks. Let x = wheeled backpacks.

Five times the amount of non wheeled backpacks. Let y = non wheeled backpacks.

Total backpacks will be 330 so 330 - 60 = 270

Therefore you get 2x + 5y = 270
Leonie Windler
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answered 9 months ago