Make a list of the ways people today deny Christ's true nature. Use complete sentences.

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Today kids are taught at school about evolution at a very young age. This makes them belive that it actually happened even though it is false. In today's world our society is corrupt and broken. People deny the lord because they fear that they will have to face him for all of the stuff they have done. You see I have grown up in this society and it makes me sad. I come from a Christian family and I didn't learn that a lot of stuff that they were teaching me at school was wrong till I started reading the Bible. I mean the theories people come up with are ridiculous. Especially when it is so obvious that the lord is real and everything in the Bible is true. I mean people have found giant bones and scientist have found animals under the sea that they thought were extinct. In all honesty I pity this world and the people in it because I know that when the lord comes back they will be the ones to pay for it. Except for the people who have never heard of God they will get a chance to go to heaven to. To be honest I think the lord is going to come back real soon since this world is so corrupt. I just hope I can save as many people as I can.


Sorry I got a little to deep there but I hope this helps!

Kyle Zboncak
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answered 9 months ago