What has the lowest ionization erergy?

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Fluorine (F)
O Francium (Fr)
O Helium (He)
O lodine (1)

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Francium (Fr)


From the given choices, francium will have the lowest ionization energy.

Ionization energy is the energy required to remove the most loosely held electron within an atom.

The magnitude of the ionization energy depends on the characteristics of the atom in relation to its nuclear charge, atomic radius, stability etc.

  • Generally on the periodic table, ionization energy increases from left to right on the table
  • As you go from metals to non-metals and to gases, the value of the ionization energy increases steadily.
  • Down the group, the value reduces.
  • Since Francium is the most metallic of all the given choices, it has the highest ionization energy.
answered 9 months ago