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You use Ser when things are permanent or long lasting. To remember this there is an acronym:

Descriptions: names or physical descriptions

Occupations: jobs or things to fill up time

Characteristics: to describe someone

Time: days, dates, years, or time

Origin: where someone or something is from

Relationships: family, friends, or relationships

You use Estar when things are temporary. The acronym to remember for this is:

Position: physical position

Location: of someone or something but there is an exception: ser is used for parties

Ex: La fiesta es en mi casa

Action: ongoing actions

Condition: physical and mental

Emotion: how a person is feeling at that moment



1. Bob es ingles. Bob is English.

2. Tu eres estudiante. You are a student. (sometimes articles aren't used)

3. Ella es intelligente. She is intelligent.

4. Hoy es jueves. Today is Thursday.

5. Esta fruta es de California. This fruit is from California.

6. El es tu padre. He is your father.


1. Tus amigos estan sentados. Your friends are seated.

2. Nosotros estamos en el cafe. We are is the cafe.

3. Mi hermana esta lavando los platos. My sister is washing the dishes.

4. Yo estoy cansado. I am tired.

5. Yo estoy feliz. I am happy.

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Beulah Schneider
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Ser: Quiero ser bombero.
Is: I want to be a firefighter

Estar: Quiero estar con un bombero.
Be: I want to be with a firefighter
Myrna Hartmann V
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answered 9 months ago