An example of how winning counts more than taking a stand?

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In English, many short stories contain a lesson of how taking a stand is what matters, and not winning. Usually the protagonist of the story takes the stand while the antago wins (this isn’t every story, but many). Here are a few examples that might make winning count more . . .

- You won’t get desired attention for making an accomplishment if you win compared to just “standing up for what is right.”

- One might have an overall different mindset of not caring about certain policies or rules

- The team doesn’t want to be let down

These are just a few examples that are very general and not based on a certain story, but could apply to some. If you need to apply this to a certain story or novel, take into consideration the theme and analysis of it, and think about what the character’s mindsets are. This process should also help you grasp on how the question can be answered.

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