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Which sentence states the best response to the following situation?
Vous recevez un courriel d'une source inconnue.
A. Lisez le courriel et puis répondez-y.
B. Communiquez avec la personne qui vous la envoyé.
C. Supprimez immédiatement le courriel.
D.Répondez avec vos coordonnées.

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The question is saying: "You receive an email from an unknown source."

A means "Read the email and then reply to it"

B means "Contact the person who sent it to you"

C means "Immediately delete the email'

D means "Reply with your contact details"

In this situation, we would not use D since this information should not be put out. You should also not reply to it unless you know who it is. Now it's just B & C. B is just like A, so that leaves us with C.

Efren Nitzsche
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