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6. Match the player positions with his or her job on the court. (match a letter with a number)

a.)) Next tallest players. Can play under the hoop or also out on the wings. Responsible for getting open to take shots outside, or drive for layups and get rebounds on offense. On defense, they are responsible for stopping shots to the basket and getting rebounds
b.)) These may be your shortest. These players are quick, good ball handlers, passing and seeing the entire court. It is their job to bring the ball up the court to set up plays. They need to be able to drive to the basket and shoot from outside. On defense, they are trying to steal passes, contest shots, preventing drives to the basket and boxing out.
c.)) Generally the tallest and positioned nearest to the basket. On offense, they need to get open close to the basket and shoot the ball. These guys generally get rebounds and put backs. On defense, they are asked to block shots and passes and stop the other team from shooting really close to the basket.


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Answer: 1. C ; 2. A; 3. B

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