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Universal Soil Loss Equation

Scientists use the Universal Soil Loss Equation to estimate the amount of soil lost by erosion from a given piece of land. The equation is:

A = R × K × L × S × C × P

A: computed amount of soil lost per acre
R: rainfall factor: number of erosion index units in a normal year's rain. Erosion index is a measure of the erosive force of a specific rainfall
K: the soil erodibility factor, which varies by soil type and is largely determined by soil texture
L: slope length factor, the ratio of soil loss from the filed slope length to that from a 72.6 foot length on the same soil type and gradient
S: slope gradient factor, the ratio of soil loss from the field gradient to that from a 9 percent slope.
C: cropping managment factor, the ratio of soil loss from a field with specified cropping and management to that from the fallow condition
P: erosion control management factor, the ratio of soil loss with contouring, strip cropping or terracing to that with straight-row farming, up and down slope

Write a 225 word report on why each of the factors (R, K, L, S, C, and P) are important factors needed to determine the amount of erosion that occurs on a piece of agricultural land.

Explain what would make each factor's value be very high or low, and how each factor contributes to erosion.
Assignment Guidelines:
Each paragraph is well organized and follows a logical flow.
Each paragraph uses proper conventions of grammar and has correct spelling, etc.
The report explains how each factor affects erosion and explains what causes each factor's value to be high or low.
Submission Requirements:
A 225 word report
When submitting written assignments, please remember to:

submit the assignment question(s) and your responses;
proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
use complete sentence structure; and
write a minimum of six sentences in each paragraph.

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