The city council conducted a study of public transportation, and the study was lengthy, and the study was detailed. The study found that most citizens want to save on the cost of gas and make wiser choices when it comes to the environment. Due to the high demand of public transportation for our resourceful community, the city council has decided to implement a free trolley system. The free trolley will save each passenger hundreds of dollars a year in gasoline, offer a safe and effective way to travel throughout the city, and will cut down on the amount of vehicle emissions released to the environment.

Choose the BEST way to revise the underlined sentence so that the editorial maintains a consistent style.
The city council conducted a lengthy and detailed study about public transportation.

Studying public transportation, the city council conducted a lengthy and detailed study.

A lengthy and detailed study was conducted by the public transportation about the city council.

Public transportation was a lengthy and detailed study conducted by the city council.

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It makes the sentence flow nice and clearly compared to the others which can sound choppy at times
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