1. Cylinder with height=10 and radius=4
a Middle volume of the three
b. Lowest volume of the three
- 2 Sphere with diameter 8
c. Highest volume of the three
3. Cone with radius-8 and height-10
a.middle volume of the three
b.lowest volume of the three
c. highest volume of the three

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1. a. Middle volume of the three

2. b. Lowest volume of the three

3. c. Highest volume of the three

Step-by-step explanation:

First lets identify the formula to find the volume of a cylinder.

V = \pi r ^2 h

Now plug in the height and radius. h and r

V = \pi 4^2 10

Now start solving!

V = \pi 16 * 10

V = \pi 160

V= 160\pi

You don't really have to solve for pi here because your comparing but I'll do it anyway.

V = 502.654825


V= 502.7

Now lets identify the formula for a sphere.

V = 4/3 \pi r^3

You need radius not diameter for this one [if you wanted to use diameter you can use the formula V= 1/6 \pi d^3 but I will show you radius].

r = d/2

r= 8/2


Plug it in

V = 4/3 \pi 4^3


V = 4/3 \pi 64

V = 85.3333\pi

V = 268.082573


V= 268.1

We can clearly see this is less than the cylinders volume so its not the highest volume.

Lastly, the cones formula.

V = \pi r^2 h/3

Plug in height and radius

V = \pi 8^2 10/3

V= \pi 64 * 3.3333

V = 213.3312\pi

V= 670.199731

V= 670.2

This is the greatest value out of all the volumes.

So from greatest to least:




If you ever need anymore help don't be afraid to reach out! Hope that helps you!

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