here no better than the ants. Now, you should just see how I fare (live)! You must
come and stay with me, and I promise you, you shall live on the fat of the land." So
when he returned to the city he took the Country Mouse with him, and showed him
into a pantry containing flour and oatmeal and figs and honey and dates. The
Country Mouse had never seen anything like it, and sat down to enjoy the luxuries
his friend provided: but before they had well begun, the door of the larder opened
and someone came in. The two Mice scampered off and hid themselves in a narrow
and exceedingly uncomfortable hole. Presently, when all was quiet, they ventured
out again; but someone else came in, and off they scuttled again. This was too much
for the visitor. "Good-bye," said he, "I'm off. You live in the lap of luxury, I can see, but
you are surrounded by dangers; whereas at home / can enjoy my simple dinner of
roots and corn in peace."
Recall the final step in the process to determine theme-use the events that
happened in the fable and why they happened to infer the theme. Writing in
complete sentences, identify the theme. (25 points)

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i feel like this is a scam if i do it because this is 5 points not 25 points

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