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The distance, y, in centimeters, of an ant from a hole in the tree for a certain amount of time, x, in seconds, is shown in the graph:
Motion of Ant
234 5
Time (sec)
Part A: Is the graph linear or nonlinear? Explain your answer. (2 points)
Part B: In which segments is the graph increasing, decreasing, and constant? (3 points)
Part C: In your own words, describe the motion of the ant, as shown on the graph. (5 points)

1 Answer

Part A: it is linear because it is not curving and it consists of straight lines.

Part B: in side A it is increasing because it has a positive slope. In side b it is constant because the slope is 0 since it is straight. Finally, side C is decreasing because the slope is negative.

Part C: during side A the ant is crawling out of the hole in 2 seconds. After that, the ant stops for 2 more seconds as shown in side B. Then, he crawls back into the hole as shown by the decrease in distance due to the slope.

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