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Match the literary subgenres to the related stories.
Jake fell into an abandoned well near his grandmother's home. Instead of breaking his
leg, he falls through time and ends up in King Arthur's England. There, he learns that he is
a prophesized hero who must join with the elf warriors and other magical creatures to
save King Arthur from being betrayed by his closest knight.
Anna and Sam meet at a party. They immediately dislike each other. When they realize
that they are going to be partners on a class project, both feel irritated. However, as they
work on the project together, they get to know each other. After making their
presentation and receiving an A, Sam asks Anna out on a date, and she agrees.
Jack's mother worked hard to earn enough money to send her son to college to become a
doctor. However, Jack wanted to own his own automobile repair shop and didn't want to
be a doctor. Consequently, he and his mother had a big fight, and Jack left home for
good. A few years later, Jack decided to reconcile with his mother, but when he arrived
home he learned that she had died of an illness, and sadly it was too late.

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Jack fell into an abandoned well-fantasy
Anna and Sam meet at a party- romance
Jacks mother- tragedy
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