Bp II Direct Object Pronouns WS 2

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Translate each sentence to Spanish using direct object pronouns and conjugated verbs.
1. He sees me.
2. They see us.
3. We see you (familiar).
4. I see him.
5. You all (formal) see her.
6. You (familiar) see us.
7. She sees them (masculine).
8. You all (familiar) see him.
9. You (formal) see them (feminine).
10. They see you all (familiar).

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1. El me ve

2. ellos me ven

3. nosotros te miramos

4. yo lo veo

5.todos ustedes la ven

6.tu nos miras a nosotros

7.ella los ve a ellos

8. todos lo ven a el

9.ustedes la ven a ella

10. ellos los ven a todos


im a native speaker and this is what i got from it (btw the accents arent added bc my laptop let me, but good luck hope this helps)

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