1. Civics
Describe the government system of Mesopotamia and how they changed over the course of time. Support your thinking with evidence!

2. Geography
Describe the environmental challenges Mesopotamia faced and how they controlled their environment to solve those problems. Support your thinking with evidence!

3. Social Justice
Identify an example of inequality in Mesopotamian society. Support your thinking with evidence!

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Mesopotamian civilizations formed on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is today Iraq and Kuwait.

Early civilizations began to form around the time of the Neolithic Revolution—12000 BCE.

Some of the major Mesopotamian civilizations include the Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian, and Babylonian civilizations.

Evidence shows extensive use of technology, literature, legal codes, philosophy, religion, and architecture in these societies.

Tigris and Euphrates rivers are in Southwest Asia

- they start in mountains of todayʼs Turkey, Kurdistan

- fl ow southeast through todayʼs Iraq to Persian Gulf

• Region is called Mesopotamia, “land between the rivers”

• Rivers provide water and a means for travel

- area had few roads, so boats carried heavy loads on river currents

The Mesopotamians, like all ancient humans

(or at least the ones who have left us written records), sought to anchor their most cherished

values in the realm of the immutable (Irani 1995: 2). Regarding the question, “Where do justice

and the law come from?” ancient Mesopotamians did not rely on what we would call “secular”

explanations or justifications based on “natural law” or “human rights,” all of which are

innovations of the post-Enlightenment world. Likewise, equating the search for justice with

essentially “religious” goals as opposed to other categories (political, economic, etc.) proves

inadequate since our modern notions of personal “spirituality” are incompatible with the ancient

cultural-religious milieu. Worshipping the deities

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