There has been much debate in our community lately about the starting time of schools. It is clear from the evidence presented that the high school needs to have a later starting time. Records show that 70 percent of tardy high school students show up before the end of first period. Some residents believe that this is due to early morning doctor appointments, but only eight percent of those students had medical excuses. They are simply sleeping in. Additionally, parents of younger children complain that they have to wait until 8:45 to see their kids off to elementary school.

How would the author best to an opposing argument that claims changing the high school start and end times would interfere with the bus schedule?

A. By illustrating the way that students achievements has been raised as a result of later start time.
B. By showing that the high school and elementary school bus schedules could be swapped with a little trouble.
C. By comparing the number of students who attend high school to the number of students who attend elementary school.
D. By suggesting that changing the start and end times would also interfere with the extracurricular activities.​

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Its B


The author should present a feasible solution to a problem in his argument, and B is that

Ryder Erdman
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