For this project, you'll write a set of technical directions or a how-to text. Write a set of step-by-step instructions about any of the following or an alternative accepted by your teacher.
Do not forget:All elements of a set of directions or how-to manual are included with the goal of explaining to the reader how to complete the process. Remember to use headings, bullets, etc. so that your reader can quickly navigate the text.
complex process (e.g., wrapping a gift, changing the oil in a car, etc.
bylaws for a club or organization
You will be graded on the proper use of a title, headings, bullets, numbering, graphics and special fonts (italics, bold, etc.). You must include a list of ingredients or tools needed to complete your project.
Here is a sample project.
How to Build a Snowman
Build a classic snowman with these directions.
Materials Needed
plenty of snow
two sticks (for the arms)
1 carrot (for the nose)
8-10 rocks or coal pieces (for the eyes and mouth)
scarf, hat and other accessories (optional)
Step 1: Make three fist-sized snowballs
Step 2: Roll the first snowball in the snow, adding to its volume until it's the size of a large beach ball.
Step 3: Place this ball on the ground. It is the base of your snowman.
Step 4: Take the next snowball and roll it in the snow until it is about half the size of the first ball (maybe about the size of a large watermelon).
Step 5: Place the second ball on top of the first one.
Step 6: Take the third ball and roll it in the snow until it is about the size of a basketball.
Step 7: Place the third ball on top of the other two. This is your snowman's head.
Step 8: Poke the sticks in the sides of the snowman for arms, arrange the rocks or coal on the snowman's face to create his eyes and mouth and add the carrot for his nose.
Step 9: If desired, decorate your snowman with a scarf, hat or other accessory.
Tips & Warnings
Don't make the second ball too heavy (or be sure you have a friend to help you lift it) because it may break
You can be as creative as you'd like with sticks, rocks, and other items.
You can also use more snow to create animals by adding different kinds of ears to this basic snowman.

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Your making a snowman


Its easy, first you roll the snow into three balls

then you take the largest and put on the bottom and the medium size and put in the middle and the little one on top.

next you find two sticks that look like hands

then you stab the two sticks on each side of the medium ball.

Then you grab a carrot and use for his nose(if you don't have a carrot a rock will work too). Then you can use some grapes or small rocks for the eyes and mouth.

Hope this helps.

Deion Jones
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answered 11 months ago