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Mr. X is giving a multiple-choice in his Evolution of the Fish class (Mr. Walsh loves fish). Each question has 5 possible choices, 1 of them is correct. There are 10 total questions on the test.
a. Explain how you would conduct a simulation using the random number table provided below to estimate the number of questions a test-taker would answer correctly if they randomly guessed on each of the 10 questions.

b. Perform your simulation 3 times. (That is, run 3 trials of your simulation.) Start at the leftmost digit in the first row of the table and move across. Make your procedure clear so that someone can follow what you did. You must do this by marking directly on or above the table. Report the number of questions the test taker gets right in each of your 3 trials.

c. Based on your answers to b, if you used the guessing strategy on all of Arthur Teacher’s 10-question multiple-choice tests, what is the average number of questions you would get correct? SHOW YOUR WORK.

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