Why does Brainly suck.

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Why do they give you “unlimited” answers when you can do only like 10 then you are force fed ads in order to move forward.

Why is Brainly the best according everyone. It’s not. I think quizlet is much better. Because,

1. Less ads.

Here you are not fed ads to answer, there are ads on the side but who cares.

2. Faster answering.

You are not bombarded with 2 minute ads and you can scroll lists which some have the whole quiz in there.

3. REAL unlimited answering.

In quizlet you can answer infinitely and have no issues (if its a list is shorter than 10.) And if your answer is further back. Just make an account. You aren’t forced to get a subscription to answer “unlimited”. With Brainly you are forced to pay to get unlimited. With quizlet, you get an account, and boom. Unlimited answering.

Overall I think quizlet is much better than Brainly.

With quizlet it’s faster to answer, get more questions, and overall no payments. Brainly needs you have payments for a fake unlimited list, or no using it at all. Quizlet is simpler, easier to use, and better off as a homework helper than ‘Smallbrainly’.

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Answer:i agree


im told to get a account so then i can see more awnsers i get one then i see i need to pay for more and ads ads ads this website is kinda bad

Dixie Heathcote Sr.
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answered 7 months ago