Examine the map of North American physical regions.

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A map of North American geographic physical regions. A key notes color-coded regions. The Coastal Range is from the coast of Alaska to Oregon, California, and Mexico. The Basin and Range is from Alaska to Mexico through Nevada and Arizona. The Rocky Mountains are from Alaska to Wyoming. The Great Plains are from Canada to Texas. The Interior Lowlands are from Northern Canada to Texas and most of the Midwest. The Canadian Shield is majority of Canada and it's islands. The Appalachian Mountains are from Alabama and Georgia to Maine and Canada. The Coastal Plains are from the coast of Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida, and along the East Coast.

Which physical region is found in all three countries of North America?

Great Plains
Interior Lowlands
Basin and Range
Appalachian Mountains

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Basin and Range


as shown on the map, basin and range goes from mexico to canada

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