A. in the middle of huge lakes
B. around the edges of deserts
C. at the bottom of Earth's oceans
D. on top of mountains on continents

2.What are mid-ocean ridges?
A. They are areas where tectonic plates meet.
B. They are narrow valleys that run along the bottom of the oceans.
C. They are areas underwater where thick layers of sediment have accumulated.
D. They are areas of underwater mountain chains located near many active volcanoes.

3.Algae and other producers need lots of sunlight. Most ocean algae would be found in the water _____.
A. on the abyssal plain
B. in the oceanic trench
C. above the continental shelf
D. beside the continental slope

4.At which ocean feature would the greatest amount of water pressure be exerted?
A. Trench
B. Abyssal plain
C. Continental shelf
D. Continental slope
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1. D

2. A

Explanation: Those are the only ones i know

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