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It was Christmas eve morning and when i woke up i could smell moms famous double chocolate pancakes with whipped cream on top. I rushed down stairs still in my plaid red pajama shirt and plain black leggings with my fuzzy slippers, and there my mom was in the kitchen with her apron that says "Merry Christmas" in bright red lettering, around the lettering were green Mistletoe's. "Good morning Lilly" my mom said to me with the biggest smile on her face. "good morning mom, wheres dad and Sarah?" i asked with a confused look on my face because we all usually gather on the island talking to mother, but this morning was different. "oh hunny, your father had to go to work early and you sister is with him" her smile got smaller as she told me that. "but they will be back in time for dinner right?" "yes Lilly, your father only had to be there for a couple of hours then him and your sister will be on there way home in no time!" her smile got bigger again. "Why don't you go get dressed while i finish up breakfast." "Okay" i said with a smile and rushed upstairs as quickly as i could to come back and eat.

That is all i have time for i hope it works. you can add whatever you would like to make it better or add on!!


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