Part A
If 10 club members each collect the same number of canned goods, which inequality represents the minimum number of canned goods, n, each club
member must select for the club to meet the goals?

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The correct answer is 10n ≥ 470.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, the school club wants to collect at least 500 canned goods, then we know that they don't want to collect any less: they must collet 500 or more canned goods.

They already collected 30 canned goods, therefore we can subtract this quantity from out goal.

500 - 30 = 470

Since there are 10 club members, the number of members multiplied by "n" the minimum amount of canned goods that they can collect, will equal the total amount of canned goods that they need.

Hope this helps! :D

Dr. Olaf Yundt DVM
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answered 1 year ago