a. books, poems
b. music, movies, paintings
c. company logo
d. software
e. combinations of materials to make drugs

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A) copyright

B) copyright

C)Trade mark

D) copyright



Patent can be regarded as a form of intellectual property which helps the owner of an invention to others to sell or use the invention for some period of time. Example of this is a patent that protect microwave oven.

trademark is form of intellectual property, this could be inform of symbols, words that differentiate the product of a party from another. Example of this is a bite of apple that represents apple products.

Copyright can be regarded as a legal right given to those that owns a intellectual property which gives him/her right to copy and exclude others from reaping from where they did not sow. The owner get exclusive right to reproduce the copy.

Below is the match of the intellectual property with the examples.

a. books, poems<> Copyright

b. music, movies, paintings<> Copyright

c. company logo<> Trademark

d. software<>Copyright

e. combinations of materials to make drugs<> patent

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